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Margazhi Raagam Premiere

    Margazhi Raagam  Premiere By Padma Iyer [ December 18, 2008 ]

Margazhi Raagam Premiere

Produced by Real Image and Aghal films, Margazhi Raagam isone-of-its-kind experience in cinema. For all lovers of Carnatic music, the Margazhi season is the time to enjoy the music to the fullest with musical concerts being organized by various sabhas. But this cinematic concertis a completely novel and a rejuvenating experience.

The premiere of this once-in-a lifetime opportunity was held today at Sathyam Cinemas, the hub of all the latest innovations in cinema. Present at the occasion were singers Bombay Jayashri and T.M. Krishna, the stars of this cinematic divinity . Also present were cinematographer P.C. Sreeram (the man behind the beautiful camera shots for this movie), former Indian skipper Krishnamachari Srikanth, veteran stage and cine actor Y.Gee. Mahendra and several other classical music enthusiasts and rasikas.

One person who was surely missed by every member of the Margazhi Raagam team was sound engineer H. Sridhar.The talented magician behind the amazing sounds that echoed in the theatre passed away on December 1, 2008.

The whole experience of Margazhi Raagam was a spiritual and divine encounter.The visualstransported you to a different world, serene and peaceful, a musical world where every note you heard, even the lightest of expression of the singer you saw, that too on the larger-than-life canvas moved every iota of your very existense.

And adding to this heavenly experience was thetechnical excellence of Sathyam Cinemas, making itthe experience of a lifetime.

Jayendra, the man behind this venture, spoke about the experience of Margazhi Raagam at the trailer launch last month. "For over four years, I have been living with the idea of giving Carnatic music an evocative new appeal in terms of presentation. Finally, the technology became available to give this dream the right shape."

We are sure that this screening willpave the way for many more such experiements in cinema.