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Best Hollywood gal pals!

  Best Hollywood gal pals! By Kaanchan [ July 12, 2009 ]

Best Hollywood gal pals!

It’s not always about ego and backstabbing in the glitzy world of cinema. Agreed, there is a whole lot of jealousy and backbiting, but there are some friendships that have lasted through thick and thin. Let’s check out the bonds that unite the fairer sex in tinselville.

Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox: From friends on screen, Courtney and Jen become best buds off screen as well. It was the superhit sitcom FRIENDS that brought the two together, but their friendship surfaced when Jen was nursing a broken marriage. Soon after she split from Brad Pitt, the depressed star moved into Courtney’s Malibu house, where she stayed for weeks on end, before finding her own place and opening up to the world.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Madonna: These blonde mommies are thick as thieves. From shopping to lazy evenings indoors to night outs, Gwen and Madge do it all. They even arrange for play dates with their children, while they share the same physical trainer – we all know what fitness freaks these ladies are,�don’t we? "Through thick and thin, she's a constant in my life. It's like we have some kind of karmic thing," said Gwen.

Naomi Watts & Nicole Kidman: Naomi and Nicole have more in common that their Australian origins. The two actresses auditioned for the same part in a bikini commercial before they were discovered! They met at the auditions,�became friends immediately, and that bond still holds good. When Nic split from Tom Cruise, Naomi moved in with her to help her pal cope with the divorce. Nic was more than ready to do the same for Naomi when the latter broke up with Heath Ledger.

Salma Hayek & Penelope Cruz: And they say good-looking gals can’t be friends! These two babes have been friends since their early days in Hollywood and it was their unique bond that won them the lead roles in the movie Bandidas. And all the time they spent together making the movie, brought them closer – close enough to arouse lesbian speculations! The ladies, uncaring of these rumours, continue to be best pals.